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Kaonashi Trace Together Mini Token Pouch


  • 2.5mm hook
  • 5 string milk cotton yarn (red, black, white)
  • 6mm round eye x 2
  • 1cm button x 1


x – single crochet
v – increase
w – 3 single crochet in one knot
ch – chain

Trace together Mini token pouch

R1: 7ch, return last second 5x, w, 3x, v (black yarn)
R2: v, 3x, 3v, 3x, 2v
R3: 20x
R4: 3x, 1ch, turn direction 17x
R5: 1ch turn direction 17x
R6: 1ch turn direction 17x, 3ch to connect the box, 1ch turn direction
R7-13: 20x
For the last row, when reach the middle of the pouch, knit the string with 13ch.

Kaonashi Face (White)

R1: 6ch, return last second 4x, w, 2x, v
R2: v, 3x, 3v, 2x, 2v
R3: x, v, 3x, 3*(x,v), 2x, 2*(x,v)

Embroidery the red line for the face using 5 string yarn.

Embroidery the mouth using 1 string black yarn.

Glue the eye on the second round.


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